Saturday, January 29, 2011

Russian comedians soon to have new material

Hey, guys, we already tried this and it didn't work all that well:
Russia's parliament on Friday gave preliminary approval to a law creating color-coded terrorist threat alerts, a measure rushed forward in the wake of the Moscow airport bombing that left 35 dead and raised questions about the country's ability to handle attacks.
In fact, we're dropping it:
The proposed law is modeled on the U.S. system instituted after 9/11, which Washington announced Thursday it would be abandoned by the end of April and replaced with a new plan to notify specific people about specific threats. Critics had complained the general color alerts were unhelpful.
Learn from our mistakes. After all, we're the United States; we screw up often, especially when it comes to security theater.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gun Snobbery

Oh, god. Why S&W? WHY? OK, I get the "Hey, the Taurus Judge is a runaway bestseller and we want to get a piece of that action" why, but ugh, that is an ugly revolver. I wish Smith & Wesson would avoid such modern travesties, at least within their revolver lineup. 

Maybe I'm just getting even more old-fogie-ish than I usually am.