Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So, you’re thinking of buying an AK-47?

Or AK-74? Or AK-101? Or AK-107? Or AKMS? Or any other Kalashnikov? If so, you should check out this introductory guide to the wonderful and often confusingly varied world of (semi-auto civilian) AK's. It's written for the novice enthusiast rather than the already-initiated, but for many people, the article will be quite helpful in explaining the basics. For example, the Father of Garm has a vast wealth of knowledge regarding handguns, but his knowledge of rifles is much more narrow, a fact he readily admits, which is why I've already sent him the above link.

Kudos to Cheaper Than Dirt for putting this on their site; I'll be sure to pick up some accessories from you next time I'm in the market for them.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Way too close to home

That's where this chart hits. It's easily the most simple chart of its nature I've ever seen. Who says trying to figure out to what genre of metal the band you're listening to belongs has to be a complicated and argumentative procedure.