Thursday, January 11, 2007


Apparently, sometime in my two-month absence my tagging system went screwy. I'll fix it later, but for now, be warned.

As if anyone cares, or for that matter, reads this tripe, but hey, I'm anal-retentive about this stuff.

Ah, not this S**t again

When I read the headline:
"Pimp my commode"
I'll admit, the first thing I thought was "Don't be Georgia, Don't be Georgia." [clicks link] ah, damnit:
A national plumbing products company is trying to get hip to the younger generation by giving away a home-entertainment toilet in Atlanta.

While sitting on this "pimped out" toilet, you can take care of business while notching a new high score on your PlayStation.However, video games are just the beginning. This toilet sports a DVD player and a even a beer tap. Everything is at arms length, including a Velcro strap for all of the remote controls.
Were I still capable of tears, I'd weep for our future.

(Although the beer tap sounds pretty sweet, to be honest.)