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Though Garm Howling encourages and welcomes comments about any of the entries in this blog, there are a few things that must be addressed:
  1. The short version: it's our sandbox, and we'll play in it as we likes.
  2. Any comment/trackback that even looks like spam will be deleted.
  3. Anonymous comments are allowed, but not encouraged (pet peeve); rather, it's preferred that those who comment give everyone else a name to see and respond to.
  4. We don't mind if you don't agree with something on this site, and if you choose to comment to let us know, do so in a civil manner. We're more than willing to discuss any issue (time permitting) but don't expect a reaction to insults.
  5. The site administrator(s) is not responsible for the comments of others, but please keep the language relatively clean and refrain from racist, sexist, etc. remarks. Additionally, threatening comments/email/other communications against the site contributors or other readers/users of this site will not, under any circumstances, be tolerated and the originator(s) of such communications will be dealt with in whatever manner the site administrator(s) see fit. However, things said in jest will be acceptable. We will be decide what is or is not a jest.
  6. The site contributors can and will comment about anything and everything they want, with ONE exception: they must post negatively about Steven Seagal. A site contributor who posts anything that could be construed, even in the most remote way, as being not negative regarding Steven Seagal risks public flogging.
Oh, and these rules are subject to changes, subtractions, retractions, and additions.