Thursday, June 23, 2005

Friday, June 17, 2005

More PETA killings

Looks like PETA employees are still killing: "unadoptable" animals.

More info about other incidents like this can be found at this great site.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I swore I wouldn't do this. . .

Ok, I told myself I wouldn't blog about the Michael Jackson trial, or the Daily Show for that matter, but seriously, the Daily Show segment on the trial was the funniest, most on-the-point segment I've yet seen.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Atrocities commited on the people of Iraq by evil American GI's (and 1 Israeli)

Grouchy Old Cripple has pictures that will shock and disturb you. Oddly, we haven't seen too much coverage of this in the mainstream media. btw, the comments some of the comments below the pics are priceless.

Important? not to the MSM

A 7.9 magnitude earthquake shakes Chile, yet the MSM apparently believes that the Michael Jackson trial is more important. Good to know that they have their priorities straight.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Good news on the murder front

Apparently, the murder and violence rate fell last year (after a three-year rise), according to the FBI.

A Bloody CHAINSAW!?!

I guess we should stop trying to increase border security against citizens of other countries when we apparently can't even stop our own citizens from entering the country freely, even when they'[re carrying blood-covered chainsaws. Oh wait, that'd be profiling, wouldn't it? And we all know that profiling is WRONG.

At least he didn't call it a Gulag

Jimmy Carter gives his opinion on what the U.S. should do at Gitmo. Thanks for getting the hostages back from Tehran, Jimmy.

Howard Dean creates more GOP voters

Well, Howard Dean just keeps on helping the Republican Party, saying they're "not very friendly to different kinds of people. . .they all behave the same and they all look the same." Thanks buddy; with Dems like you, the GOP will just laugh all their way into another Congressional majority and another presidency.

Got it from Drudge, but it was too crazy not to blog.

So basically, Dean is calling the Republican Party rich, old, racist and bigoted. That's pretty funny coming from someone who grew up in a privileged, wealthy and white family, growing up in The Hamptons, went to exclusive prep schools. . .the list could go on for a while.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Republicans ought to be glad that the DNC Chairman routinely opens his mouth unfiltered.

And the DNC just doesn't understand why the "undecided" voters decide to vote red.

Coulter Blogging

Ann Coulter has her latest article up, called "Seven 'Extraordinary' Idiots"

Friday, June 03, 2005

Google Maps - Plant 42 in Palmdale, California

Good thing Google Maps pictures are fairly outdated (like, a few months); I'd hate for them to reveal anything of strategic importance. (You may have to click on the "satellite" link in the upper right hand corner for the picture for it to come up.) Unless you want to just build your own satellite or pay for their images, of course.

RTG nails it

Right Thinking Girl has a great post over at her blog titled The Myth of Equality, which is about, uh, the myth of equality in America.

I agree with the comment of "Andy," when he says, "Technically, the United States itself is a result of the "liberalism" of the enlightenment. It's modern liberalism (especially circa LBJ and forward) that seems to be the problem." (unfortunately, the rest of the comments sink into backbiting and sniping, so I stopped caring about them)

My favorite line from her blog entry: "Parity is a concept that only exists in mathematics. It is unworkable in any human endeavor, not because of bigotry or meanness, but because our human natures are different."

I've been saying that for years, just not the mathematics part.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Hitlers are EVERYWHERE

Beautiful Atrocities has the latest list of more proof that anyone, regardless of social or professional status, political leanings, or education can sound like a complete idiot.

World's Smallest Political Quiz

10 questions decide your political agenda.

Actually, it's not that bad of a quiz. Apparently I'm a Centrist (right in the middle ground of Conservative and Libertarian), with a Personal Issues score of 50% and an Economic Issues score of 60%. I certainly do "pride [myself] on keeping an open mind, tend to oppose 'political extremes,' and emphasize what [I] describe as 'practical' solutions to problems," so they're pretty much right. Of course, I usually describe myself as a "Neo-Con Libertarian," so there you go.

Secret Service Secrets

Cool article (found on Slashdot) about how the Secret Service hunts down hackers.

And now for something completely obvious

Yep, they certainly seem like they're "independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion. [They do] not support or oppose any government."

just think. . . they can vote too

exploding idiots and their king.

I sense trouble

Ok, combine this with this, and I'll be using cash, thank you very much.

VERY local editorial

Looks like I need to start reading my local paper more; they have a nice little opinion of Howard Dean's impending visit to my fair state. I'll quote it, since their site's pretty basic, but it can be found in their "opinion" section. Here it is:

Here comes Democrat Howard Dean to help Georgia Republicans

Republicans in our state, and particularly Gov. Sonny Perdue, are likely to get a shot in the arm this week from an unlikely source -- from Howard Dean, the former presidential candidate now heading the National Democratic Party.

Dean is coming to Georgia today for a $50-per-person party fund-raiser. In advance of his visit to Atlanta, Dean talked to reporters about the importance of next year's election in Georgia.

''We've got an important governor's race I think we can win and important congressional races,'' Dean said.

Dean said he sees an opportunity for Democrats to regain the governor's office ''because the governor's run up the largest debt in the history of Georgia, people are really worried about education and I think they're really worried about the progress of the state.''

Marty Klein, a spokesman for Georgia Republicans, said, ''Howard Dean is the perfect poster-child for the modern Democratic Party in Georgia -- liberal and angry. We welcome him to Georgia anytime he wants to come and discuss the extreme liberal views he shares with candidates like Mark Taylor and Cathy Cox.''

Klein is right. Dean is baggage for Democrats in Georgia. He is just another of the liberal losers of his party. He is the perfect poster-child for the modern Democratic Party in Georgia. Many of those who have left the Democratic Party in Georgia have done so because of people like Dean who have run the National Democratic Party for years.

If Democrats are to make congressional gains in Georgia, they need to distance themselves from Howard Dean. He is an albatross for Georgia Democrats.

The more Dean talks about Georgia politics, the more he visits Georgia, the more the Republicans gain.
-The Times-Herald

Honestly, they took the words right out of my mouth. I know there are some concerns among Georgia voters (education, health care, budget, etc.) but when you consider that Georgia is more red than ever (redneck jokes are obvious, thank you), is a liberal who isn't at all what used to be representative of the Democratic Party in Georgia really going to help the DNC's cause here? I don't think so. To reiterate the editorial above, he and his ilk were what made so many Georgians vote Republican in the first place.

More can be found here.

quitting is for, well, quitters

i should read this whole thing, but i'm not. too much caffeine to concentrate.

Open mouth, insert foot

More on Amnesty International. Yeah, I found the link over at Publius Pundit as well, but it's a good indictment of AI's calling Gitmo a "gulag."

um, yeah, can't decide if that's more nasty or more wierd. Here's the rest of the story.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Wish I thought of this

Publius Pundit has an interesting Google experiment exposing media bias against the United States.

Blame Grand Theft Auto!

Hooligans travel in packs and need appropriately modes of transportation, apparently.

Who can I trust now?

Of course, this story just got Drudged today, but it's been popping around the local news for awhile now. If I can't trust the Boy Scouts, just whom am I supposed to trust?.

there are better ways. . .

I think I know this guy

The Dutch vs. the EU

Apparently the Dutch dislike the EU more than the French. I'll update/opine more later. The AP article is here.

Update: Well, it seems that some of the Dutch, like 62% of the voters, don't like big government. Could this be the end of the EU? Well, maybe as it exists now, but I have a feeling that it won't die completly, just be reinvented in another form. The Dutch and French have both expressed their dislike of their government not being completly forthright in explaining what the ramifications of the new EU Constitution will be, not to mention the possibility of the loss of a national identity and the loss of national independence. Seems like members of both countries don't like having the control of their countries taken out of the hands of the voters and put into the hands of politicians who aren't even citizens.

That's funny, I feel the same way about the U.N. And, yes, I know it's not the same thing is the EU taking over other sovreign nations, but still . . . it's our country, not everyone else's, to be crudely blunt.

Zacht Ei makes some great points as a Dutch voter voting "no." And yes, I totally found the link on Instapundit.

Medical Miracles

Looks like some doctors in Peru have done some amazing things for one little girl. Hopefully she won't need too many more surgeries for her to fully gain the normal use of her legs and organs.

Logic of pop "stars," er...."pop has-beens"

ok, this just seems weird. I mean, how hard will it be to figure out who the singer is when she does no press and has no pictures of herself, even when the music, well, sucks? won't the english tabloids pick up on this and keep an eye out?

Gitmo Defense

Michelle Malkin has a defense of Guantanamo Bay internment, which isn't a big surprise. I like her analysis of the situation. Especially in regard to Gen. Myers, saying, "It's about time someone defended America's honor clearly, passionately, and unapologetically. Too bad the president missed an opportunity to do it himself."

Couldn't agree more. Be sure to check out her full column soon; it can be found here.

Does Amnesty International have a branch in Cuba outside Guantanamo Bay? If so, the MSM sure hasn't said anything about it. And wait a minute. . . exactly how many Soviet citizens died in the REAL gulags? Not only does AI not seem to care about our national security, but they don't seem to feel that the survivors of the gulag system might take offense to their personal suffering being compared to the POSSIBILITY of detainees' religious views being abused.

Update: MM has her completed column up. She also has a synopsis of the column and some additional comments at her blog. Her conclusion of the Gitmo "abuse" situation:

"Guantanamo Bay will not be the death of this country. The unseriousness and hypocrisy of the terrorist-abetting Left is a far greater threat."

The whole thing can be read at her blog.

The NYT doesn't like the CIA? Say it ain't so!

The Word Unheard has a great analysis of the New York Times exposing the CIA's transportation methods. Gotta love those "anonymous sources." I guess Pres. Bush wasn't doing enough before 9/11 and now he's doing too much. It'd be nice if the Times came up with a positive strategy for the War on Terror, instead of undermining any attempt made to actually win it.

Coulter vs. Moyers

Ann Coulter calls Bill Moyers to task.

i should have stopped for the whole story

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