Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Debunking the "Non-sporting" firearm myth

It's still a rifle, remember? Pretty cool AK deer hunter over at The High Road with pictures (of the deer, the gun, and possibly the brightest jihadi ever):
Yugoslavian Underfolder AK47, 5 round magazine, Remington 123gr. PSP , iron sights at 65 yds, 1 shot thru the heart...runs about 30yds and folds up in a heap. The small entrance and exit wound are in perfect alignment just behind the front shoulders. I don't think the bullet expanded or fragmented, It just cleanly passed thru the heart and made for a very clean and quick harvest. This was probably one the most unique hunts with a rifle I've ever had.
Awesome: no lost meat, minimal suffering for the deer, and all with an eviillll black commie assault baby-killer inexpensive, rugged, semi-automatic rifle. . . with iron sights. no less. He also makes a good argument in favor of the AK as a sporter:
Folding up that AK and putting it on my backside made it whole lot easier than sporting that scoped 10 pound bolt action monstrosity around.
Damn straight. Who needs a long-barreled, heavy, expensive (and expensively scoped), rare-wood stocked rifle to hunt deer when an inexpensive, virtually indestructible, decently iron sighted rifle will work just fine? "Always use the right tool for the job" and all that.

h/t to Countertop

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