Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So, you’re thinking of buying an AK-47?

Or AK-74? Or AK-101? Or AK-107? Or AKMS? Or any other Kalashnikov? If so, you should check out this introductory guide to the wonderful and often confusingly varied world of (semi-auto civilian) AK's. It's written for the novice enthusiast rather than the already-initiated, but for many people, the article will be quite helpful in explaining the basics. For example, the Father of Garm has a vast wealth of knowledge regarding handguns, but his knowledge of rifles is much more narrow, a fact he readily admits, which is why I've already sent him the above link.

Kudos to Cheaper Than Dirt for putting this on their site; I'll be sure to pick up some accessories from you next time I'm in the market for them.

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