Saturday, November 26, 2005


Recently, in Korea, the wise and understanding have decided to side with the communists. Soon, the US will move soldiers off the border, and one offical has suggested that the Koreans will cast their lot in with China and North Korea. This as another article tells tales of North Koreans being starved to death and escaping into China only to be sold into sexual slavery. WMD, executions, kidnapping, and threats of war, but I'm sure the North Koreans are just misunderstood, right? Does someone want to explain to me, on a moral basis, how anything but a hardline can be the correct response?

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  1. North Korea is a proud nation that is why they are willing to starve just not to subject themselves from the South Koreans. The people are suffering and the tension worsens. If China comes in, then expect a grand complication.