Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fortunate Sons

Here's a article "debunking the myth" about poor soldiers. Don't know the myth? You obviously don't listen to the imperturbable anchorettes over at NPR. Apparently, our military services have been recruiting youths with promises of training and experience that may lead to a better job. This nefarious plot offers a bait and switch: good job, suddenly yanked away and replaced with a war and guns and danger--who would have thought such pitfalls might beset those embarking on a career in the armed services. I'm sure the camo, or the guns, or the boots, or the organization of the chain of command in traditional rank titles associated with military purpose wasn't enough of a hint. And--ohmygawd--they can prevent you from retiring early, which might seem obvious if you consider they can tell you where to live and order you to face down people with automatic weapons. I guess when soldiers are paid "hazard pay" they finally realize the evil trickery that made them join the poor-people meat grinder that we upper-crust love to send off on blood-soaked adventures while sipping high-balls and planning more ways to crush the proles.


Choking... on... own rage...

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  1. Well, I've always considered joining the army once I have my PhD out of the way - but I do that realizing I may see combat if I do so.

    Even when recruiters were pitching me the miliary back during the (realtively) "peaceful" Clinton years, they never hid that fact from me. Joining the military = possible armed combat. Anyone who thinks otherwise isn't too bright.