Thursday, February 15, 2007

Done (More or Less)

OK, that's it, I'm done with the big site upgrade. The new Blogger code is pretty different than the old version, so it took some time to find my way around. All the tweaking to the template is done, with the one exception of Haloscan Trackback. Haloscan makes it easy to do comments & trackback, but I just want Trackback, which I'm still working on (and Haloscan ain't making that easy).

There's still a font issue under Linux, but it's very minor been fixed/is a client issue. Testing IE6, IE7, Firefox, and Opera running under XP revealed no issues. Again, no Mac/Safari to test.

As to the "new" Blogger system. . . I gotta say that I like it. Having built-in categories (Blogger calls them "Labels") is nice (less code to load/work with), the Archiving system is pretty sweet, and best of all, no more Endlessly Rotating Triangle of Publishing Death ("Old Blogger" users know what I'm talking about). Plus the backend is a bit easier to work with. Gotta love instant changes to template/widgets/etc.

I guess I'm happy with it. Now if I can just, y'know, keep publishing new stuff. . .

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