Saturday, September 01, 2007

Football = Stressful

Army 14 - Akron 22
*Sigh* Just go .500 this year boys, that's all I ask.
Kansas State 13 - (18) Auburn 23
The phrase "skin of our teeth" comes to mind. I'm glad we won, but the score doesn't show the fact that the Wildcats were winning the game until about 2 minutes left in the 4th. Kansas State played pretty strong until then, when Auburn's defense finally wore them down. That, combined with some poor coaching decisions on the part of the Kansas State coaches in the latter part of the 4th was the only thing that allowed the Tigers to win. Our offense was extremely shaky; a bunch of young players on the O-line combined with a QB with somewhat limited mobility due to last year's injuries is decidedly not a good combination. If Auburn doesn't get it together, by, say, tomorrow, it's going to be a long season.
Oklahoma State 14 - (13) Georgia 35
The score belies the fact that the Dawgs got off to a pretty slow start. The Cowboys were a good team with which to start the season; strong enough to test and create a learning experience for the Bulldogs, but not so strong as to, you know, win.

Georgia Tech 33 - Notre Dame 3
NICE! Love seeing Tech beat up on Notre Dame at Notre Dame. I'm not a GT fan by any means, but hey, they're a home team and I'll root for them.
Appalachian State 34 - (5) Michigan 32
What. the. hell. Easily the biggest upset in college football history. There's no way a I-AA school should be capable of beating #5-ranked Michigan at MICHIGAN! I know Appalachian State's the defending National Champions (two years in a row) of their division, but still. . . that's just stellar play on their part. What's crazy is that, from what I saw of the highlights, Michigan didn't even look that bad; I mean, they weren't running the wrong way or anything. They made some mistakes, but the Mountaineers simply played a better game of football today. Amazing. I was able to see the last 5 or so minutes of the game, and it was great. Who says there aren't any good games on opening day?

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