Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gettin' My Edjamacation On

Forgotten Weapons is a new-to-me site that I've been looking at today and have added to my feedreader/blogroll. From their "About" page:
We believe that one of the best things that can be done to improve the community of technical firearms enthusiasts is to make information as freely available as possible. Most information about firearms development remains on paper and microfilm in inaccessible collections. We want to publish as much as we can, to prevent this information from being lost forever. So, we created this site to be a repository for everything we can unearth – trials reports, details photographs, original manuals, and more. It is all available completely free of charge, and will always remain that way.
Photo courtesy ForgottenWeapons.com
They also manufacture their own replicas of many of the firearms they research, which is just awesome. I particularly liked reading about the Garand Carbine (pictured right), which I knew existed, but have never read much about or seen more than a thumbnail photo. Cool stuff!

So if you're interested in the technical, often obscure, and sometimes weird branches of firearms history, you should check these guys out. If you are someone or know someone who can contribute to their project, you should get in touch with them; spreading knowledge will benefit us all.

h/t to Les Jones

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