Saturday, May 28, 2011

What The Internet Was Made For*

Ever need to check the owner's manual to find out how to do something to the old discontinued Marlin or pristine Colt Woodsman you just picked up in a loophole sale at a gunshow? Or that used, recently overpriced Sig you just bought because OMG!Team Six! maybe/definitely/probably uses them?  Or that Jennings .22 you picked up? OK, not the Jennings. Nobody who buys those ever feels the need to look at a manual. Forget I said that. That was stupid. 

Anyway, if you do need to look something up for your firearm, there's a good chance that this website has you covered. They have hundreds of manuals as PDF's; even airguns. I discovered this site while on some hunt for information about some esoteric, rare, extinct firearm or another, and though I can't remember what kind of brain food I was stalking or why I was stalking it, I thought someone else might be able to use it.** The guy who created it really did the gun owners of the 'net a good service. Good luck! 

NOTE: The HK owner's manuals contain nothing but "You suck and we hate you" typed over and over again in various languages. Weird, but that's the way they came from the factory. 

*Well, other than porn. 
**OK, I was just looking for a rather prosaic GLOCK Armorer's Manual, but whatever. 

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