Friday, July 01, 2011

Quote Of The Month

From the Coyote Blog:
As an outsider to the political process, it has been absolutely hilarious watching a White House full of children of the 1960′s retroactively justifying Nixon’s Christmas bombings of Cambodia. It’s not a war, they claim, as long as our soldiers are safe and we are mostly just killing citizens of other nations from the air. Of course, by this definition, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was not an act of war.
Indeed. See also: PakistanYemen, Somalia. Leaving out whether or not there are valid targets in these countries, and there are, we're told that our country is not at WAR with these sovereign nations, we're just attacking them! The disingenuous politics of all these remote air strike, kinetic action, no fly zone, non-war battles are all rather amusing in a depressing, bang-my-head-against-my-desk kind of way. Just call it what it is; pandering to the doves, most of whom are on the left politically. By playing with language you just make yourself look worse than if you'd just tell us the truth from the start. But I don't expect any politician, right or left, to start doing THAT.

h/t: Tam

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