Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Dutch vs. the EU

Apparently the Dutch dislike the EU more than the French. I'll update/opine more later. The AP article is here.

Update: Well, it seems that some of the Dutch, like 62% of the voters, don't like big government. Could this be the end of the EU? Well, maybe as it exists now, but I have a feeling that it won't die completly, just be reinvented in another form. The Dutch and French have both expressed their dislike of their government not being completly forthright in explaining what the ramifications of the new EU Constitution will be, not to mention the possibility of the loss of a national identity and the loss of national independence. Seems like members of both countries don't like having the control of their countries taken out of the hands of the voters and put into the hands of politicians who aren't even citizens.

That's funny, I feel the same way about the U.N. And, yes, I know it's not the same thing is the EU taking over other sovreign nations, but still . . . it's our country, not everyone else's, to be crudely blunt.

Zacht Ei makes some great points as a Dutch voter voting "no." And yes, I totally found the link on Instapundit.

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