Thursday, June 02, 2005

VERY local editorial

Looks like I need to start reading my local paper more; they have a nice little opinion of Howard Dean's impending visit to my fair state. I'll quote it, since their site's pretty basic, but it can be found in their "opinion" section. Here it is:

Here comes Democrat Howard Dean to help Georgia Republicans

Republicans in our state, and particularly Gov. Sonny Perdue, are likely to get a shot in the arm this week from an unlikely source -- from Howard Dean, the former presidential candidate now heading the National Democratic Party.

Dean is coming to Georgia today for a $50-per-person party fund-raiser. In advance of his visit to Atlanta, Dean talked to reporters about the importance of next year's election in Georgia.

''We've got an important governor's race I think we can win and important congressional races,'' Dean said.

Dean said he sees an opportunity for Democrats to regain the governor's office ''because the governor's run up the largest debt in the history of Georgia, people are really worried about education and I think they're really worried about the progress of the state.''

Marty Klein, a spokesman for Georgia Republicans, said, ''Howard Dean is the perfect poster-child for the modern Democratic Party in Georgia -- liberal and angry. We welcome him to Georgia anytime he wants to come and discuss the extreme liberal views he shares with candidates like Mark Taylor and Cathy Cox.''

Klein is right. Dean is baggage for Democrats in Georgia. He is just another of the liberal losers of his party. He is the perfect poster-child for the modern Democratic Party in Georgia. Many of those who have left the Democratic Party in Georgia have done so because of people like Dean who have run the National Democratic Party for years.

If Democrats are to make congressional gains in Georgia, they need to distance themselves from Howard Dean. He is an albatross for Georgia Democrats.

The more Dean talks about Georgia politics, the more he visits Georgia, the more the Republicans gain.
-The Times-Herald

Honestly, they took the words right out of my mouth. I know there are some concerns among Georgia voters (education, health care, budget, etc.) but when you consider that Georgia is more red than ever (redneck jokes are obvious, thank you), is a liberal who isn't at all what used to be representative of the Democratic Party in Georgia really going to help the DNC's cause here? I don't think so. To reiterate the editorial above, he and his ilk were what made so many Georgians vote Republican in the first place.

More can be found here.

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