Friday, June 03, 2005

RTG nails it

Right Thinking Girl has a great post over at her blog titled The Myth of Equality, which is about, uh, the myth of equality in America.

I agree with the comment of "Andy," when he says, "Technically, the United States itself is a result of the "liberalism" of the enlightenment. It's modern liberalism (especially circa LBJ and forward) that seems to be the problem." (unfortunately, the rest of the comments sink into backbiting and sniping, so I stopped caring about them)

My favorite line from her blog entry: "Parity is a concept that only exists in mathematics. It is unworkable in any human endeavor, not because of bigotry or meanness, but because our human natures are different."

I've been saying that for years, just not the mathematics part.

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