Friday, August 31, 2007

Obligatory Craig Opinion

Everyone else is talking about it, so why shouldn't I? Here are my thoughts:
  • Is Larry Craig guilty? Well, yes. . . he admitted as much when he pled guilty.
  • Did Larry Craig actually solicit gay sex from a police officer in a men's bathroom? Signs point to "yes," but after reading the transcript [PDF], I don't know for sure; only Craig knows for sure. Besides, how do you, I, or the police officer know whether or not Craig wanted to do the deed in the restroom? What if he was planning on going elsewhere? Soliciting, and having, consensual sex with another adult in a private setting shouldn't be illegal.
  • Do I care whether or not Craig is gay? Nope.
  • Did the cop behave in an improper/illegal manner? Nope. The cop, though kind of a jerk, did what cops do: attempt to get a confession, guilty plea, and/or enough evidence to procure a conviction of some sort. . . you know, his job.
  • Is Craig an IDIOT for not hiring an attorney as soon as he was allowed to touch some sort of communications device? Yup. He should have lawyered up immediately. Whether you're guilty or innocent, you get a lawyer. You'd think a sitting U.S. Senator might know a few decent criminal defense attorneys. Bitter sums up my thoughts for me:
    Craig could have deflected this. If he came out of that arrest swinging emphasizing the overreaching police state in the airport where actions such as putting the your bag in front of you in the bathroom stall will draw police attention and lead to arrest.
  • Do I have any sympathy for Craig? Nope. Seems to me he made a series of bad decisions and now he has to live with them.
  • Is it wrong for the Republican Party to essentially force him to resign? Not really; he certainly showed enough poor judgment throughout this affair to warrant calls for his resignation. That being said, the fact that members of the party had to have known about the arrest and said nothing until the story broke independently gives lie to any claim of "moral outrage." Of course, it helps that the governor of Idaho is a Republican who will replace Craig with a member of the party.
And that's all I have to say about that. UPDATE: Craig is resigning tomorrow, according to this. Again, I don't care what he does in his personal life, but he should resign for being too stupid/proud/whatever to hire a lawyer.

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