Sunday, April 02, 2006

Face the Wrath of Doctor Doom!!

Bah! Who dares sully the name of DOOM!!! Apparently, a lizard expert has been labeled Dr. Doom for his crazy, murderous views. He reportedly called for murdering a majority of the globe's population to save the earth--oh and he think lizards are our equals (which is nuts because lizards are obviously way better than us). Did he say it? Who cares. The real questions are only two: 1) who is so foolish as to compare my idol Dr. Doom with a tree hugging crazy that is clearly sexually attracted to lizards? He's really much more like the Batman: TAS Ras al'Ghul, who wished to return the world its natural perfection. 2) This phony Doom claims he speaks only to the converted. I find it interesting that there are enough people for killing the human race that one could work speaking tours with them and give them a collective name. I consider this a possible prank, but even so, the name of DOOM will be avenged.

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