Friday, April 07, 2006

Invasions From Within

I highly recommend reading La Shawn Barber's excellent short essay on the recent illegal immigration goings-on and the bill that stalled out in the Senate today. Here's a sample:
Pardoning illegal aliens and allowing them to continue benefiting from their illegal activity sends a strong message to others inclined to disregard America'’s immigration law. It also sends a message to America'’s hard-working legal citizens and residents: screw you.

The rule of law has been eroding for some time now. Think about the effect amnesty will have on criminal aliens who commit additional crimes, especially the ones prone drinking, driving, and killing innocent people. The word illegal is rendered meaningless. If flouting immigration law isn't illegal, why should drunk driving be illegal? Or selling drugs? [emphasis mine]

That's been my thinking about it in a nutshell. Read the whole thing.


  1. Just to be trouble, here's an argument about the illegals. For years we in America called them illegals, but in reality we turned a blind eye to their natural urge to find green pastures. Why? The Cold War. We allowed the border to be a joke so illegals would act as a safety value, spilling off disaffected Mexicans. For decades we have underwritten the corrupt Mexican government witht his policy to protect against socialist forces taking power in the billlion person nation to our south. Then, the Cold War is over, and we take back the old wink-wink, nudge-nudge and say its illegal. "Illegal" we say to people from Mexico and worse--places where money and power are the only real laws. Of course, they don't understand. When the drug lords in your nation can scare the military, yeah, you're not exactly living under the rule of law.

    There,there's my devil's advocate.

  2. A)I know you don't beleive any of that, but thanks for playing.

    B)There's a "billlion person nation to our south?" huh? A continent maybe, but not a nation

    C)Who cares about the rule of law in THEIR country when when we can't even enforce the rule of law in ours? Stop the flow of illegal's into the country from our end, then worry about the state of the country from which those illegal's are coming.

  3. Wow, look at all those grammer mistakes in my last comment. . .I gotta stop typing two things at once.