Saturday, April 15, 2006

So...Who Are We Lynching Again?

The Duke rape story. Yes. Yes, we gotta say something about this...nightmare. To me it just sums up exactly the problem. The media rushed to judgment on the accusation of rape by white Duke athletes, then turned on a billion-dollar dime, and rushed to judgment on the alleged victim because the DNA (the media's favorite, only, and magical evidence) came back negative for the players. Even though, as I recall, one player was reported having refused testing. Oh! There's no DNA the case is totally blown!

Not that I'm not on one side or the other; the DA, and many DA.'s seem to fall in this trap, might be trying to jockey for more political heft. A nice fat trial of the year could do just that, but who knows? Fact is a woman reported being raped on or about March 14th. Now, that's about a month ago. If she had no evidence other than her own word I doubt a grand jury would be looking at it, and reports are she's got injuries. So, I've got an idea: before we decide what happened, let's get together 6 or 12 regular folk, a panel if you will, and show the all the facts, then ask them what's the truth. Whatever decision they make we'll go with. We can call their decision, oh I don't know--just off the top of my head--a verdict.

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