Monday, April 03, 2006

Future Leaders of the Free World

Why is it that male frats and college sports teams seem to consistently engage in the kind of bacchanalian homoerotic adventures that, if they weren't engaged in under the pretense of "building brotherhood," would make the Village People's "Biker" cringe at their flaming gayness? I mean, we've all known guys like this; I'm sure they're in every high school and college in the nation. They constantly bash gays, in the age-old Alpha-male ritual of asserting masculinity by picking on those they view as less masculine than themselves. Yet here they are, dressed in women's underwear, almost naked, arms around their "brothers" and "teammates," obviously drunk and uninhibited. . . about five minutes away from finding out the origin of one of the alternative definitions for the word "bottom." Hey, whatever, this is America, and they have every right to live whatever lifestyle they choose, just as I have a right to live my hetero, non-gaybashing lifestyle.

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