Monday, October 10, 2005

A+ B Movies

One thing you can trust: word on the street. One other thing is that Christopher Walken is gold. Solid gold. Every role he touches is a delight to me. Here's a lesser known movie he brings his freaky manner to bear on. Suicide Kings is a dark comedy about a group of upper-class young men that kidnap a gangster and tape him to a chair. It says alot about Walken that he can manage to be menacing while taped to a chair for an hour and a half. Dennis Leary is also in the movie, plays a hit man, and does a decent job--especially during the toaster scene. The plot is kind of confusing, but you can follow it enough to enjoy what's mostly Walken delivering a two-fisted performance. A lot of people know about this movie and enjoy its craziness, but it generally slipped through the cracks for most people. The DVD, luckily, isn't barebones: decent commentary, which is mostly Narrator and Backslapper but still good, and there are 2 extra alternate endings. Its full of violence and foul language, but the dark edge is what will both turn away some and bring in the rest.

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