Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Why Miers is the Right Choice

I enjoy the on the right's vast conspiracy of radio and TV pundits. But they are wrong about this issue. Not about Miers, I don't know her from Eve, but the issue. The goal is not to create a political reality where Bork could get confirmed, nor is it to unleash a war of ideologies ending in something called a "nuclear option." Roberts is right. Judges should not answer anything. Miers is a stealth canidate with a very small paper trail. The goal should be to move the process back towards calm, humble hearings with careful, modest candidates.
But then we won't know if they're true blue conservatives!
That's lib talk, comrade. I don't judge lawyers as qualified and unqualified based on their party loyalty! That's the left's bag, with its crazed jurisprudence and addiction to activitism. Miers isn't going to overturn Roe, oh no! We don't need someone to overturn Roe, we need someone to overturn the ideas that gave us Roe. The left has sold these fine conservatives on the idea that the Court needs to break new ground and fix what's wrong with America. We need to unpoliticize the process. We need to get the Court to be seen as a open-minded and restrained.

And in the end, we don't know any more about how Miers would do on the Court than we do about what Bork would do. The real reason conservatives are savaging Bush on the pick is that they wanted the final showdown, the big one, because for years they've dreamed of this day. But that's minority-think. We're the majority, and to stay that way we have to think about the big picture. After a second hearing full of a lot of nothing the ideological interrogation of nominees will become pointless. When that happens maybe we can start moving the judical branch back to just judging.

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