Saturday, October 08, 2005

Neo-Con Girls Are Easy

From a Drudge Flash:

LAWEEKLY entertainment columnist Nikki Finke: ABC/TOUCHSTONE's COMMANDER IN CHIEF series creator Rod Lurie replaced as showrunner by Steve Bochco today because of what sources say was Lurie's wanting to show a 'rough sex' scene between the President's daughter and a Secret Service agent in the back of a limo... Developing...

Yes, because the guy that thinks enlisted women will sell their bodies for forgery so they can go AWOL from Iraq is going to have more restraint. Garm already savaged Bochco's Over There over here.

I actually saw the first 19 broadcast minutes of Commander In Chief. Its amazing how the independent, multi-PhD, apolitical first Vice President woman is pretty much a raving lib with raving libs working for her. When her speech writer refers to the right-wing speaker of the house, played by the stealth-conservative Donald Sutherland, is accused of being a book burner. Click went the remote--they just broke the filter. But there's more--the daughter in the series was introduced making out with a boy at school and guess what? She's a Republican that supported the now dead republican President; a conservative, that according to this was planned to go from frenching some random boy to fornication with an agent in a limo, and it's going to be "rough" because regular pre-marital, unprofessional, likely-major-age-difference, political and security threatening sex isn't enough to slate the urges of the repressed, prissy, young conservative girl. We all know that whole republican thing is just another way of being a tease, right?! Geez, why not just go back to the suggestion '60s protest of "rape-ins" against the wives and daughters of enemies of the New Left?

Okay, maybe I'm taking the indignation a wee bit too far, but, come on, Hollywood trying to write conservatives is just as lame as FDR's legs.... What? Too soon?

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