Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Free South Africa?

One time I was on a plane--a plane headed to Africa. See, most people hear: apartheid, racism, Mandela, and all that. But anyone, not brainwashed, who has been to Africa knows better. Corruption abounds, racial hatred makes America look like a utopia, and the politics are bloody. "One man, one vote" turns into "one settler, one bullet" in the street graffiti. On the plane ride I picked up a complimentary in-flight "Sawubona" magazine. "People, planet, and prosperity" was the lead article. Notice that "freedom" or "justice" isn't present. Here's a little rundown of the Marxist dribble being printed for the tourists (imagine what the hardcore stuff is like) : 20% of the world pop. is dying of starvation while 20% is rich, controlling most of the world's resources and dying because they are fat and indulgent. The middle 60% is, apparently, living a sustainable life of bicycling, eating grains and veggies, and modest energy consumption just like God intended. Basically, the article goes on to say that the America and the West have too much power, that global warming is going to destroy us all, and rich people are evil. So, the solution is a worldwide tax on GDP.

Yeah... no. Note to commies: try creating wealth instead of redistributing it.

So who cares about some African politics? Well, because, as we just learned with Katrina, class warfare is more fun when race in involved. And I do mean warfare. You see in Zimbabwe there has been a campaign of forcefully taking white farmers' land and giving it to political cronies. Oh sure, it's just evil white people, right? Well, the dictator of Zimbabwe didn't stop there: fixed elections, rapes and murders, starvation, and a plan to renounce private land ownership. Not to mention that when you give farms to non-farmers it guts your food production. And now the same BS is occurring in South Africa. We ignore this stuff and pretend everything is fine over in South Africa. Maybe throw little money their way and blame companies for not doing enough to stop AIDS, and we act like there's not people being raped and killed. Someone once told me that what was happening in Zimbabwe was just like the Native Americans taking their land back. Tell that to the family I met in Zimbabwe that was thrown out of their home so the government could give it to supporters. Or to the democratic MDC party members that were being searched for on the highways by soldiers with AK-47's. It's not okay. Just because people are oppressed in tiny, unknown places like Sudan and Zimbabwe or because they're a certain race or a certain class does not make it okay.

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