Saturday, October 29, 2005

Just in time for Halloween

I love stories like this in general, but this time of year they hold a special significance to me. The headline says it all, really:
State hospital escapee has machete, police say
Gotta love that. This story, which is completely true, takes place in Hawaii. This escapee, who's name is (I'm not joking) Adonis Oandasan, apparently believes that the FBI and police are after him (they are NOW) and hospital officials say that he was taken off his medication two weeks ago. Ah but the machete! How did he get his crazy, crazy fingers on the machete, you ask? Well, he was apparently given the machete by the hospital for doing yard work. The icing on the cake is the fact that Oandasan is the NINTH person to escape from the Hawaii State Hospital THIS YEAR!

*Sniff* The cockles of my horror movie loving heart are warmed. Here we have all the makings of a classic horror/slasher film:

1) Mental patient with a crazy has-to-be-made-up name--check
2) Mental patient's paranoid delusions coming true (the police chasing him)--check

Incompetent hospital staff who inadvertently provide the mental patient a means to escape and a weapon--check
Island from which there is no escape for the potential victims--check (ok, so it's a Hawaiian island, but "Island from which there is no escape" just sounds better.)
5) A Machete--check

All we need to add to the mix of elements already provided by the news article are some teenagers having sex in the woods, and we'll have one great, though somewhat cliched, movie!

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  1. Your commentary on the escaped mental patient was amusing, but fyi...Most patients in a state institution have at least partial access to the outside. Many long-term patients have jobs on campus and only return to their units after 5pm. Only the most dangerous of patients (those who have committed violent crimes) have the kind of strict supervision that would prevent escape.