Monday, October 24, 2005

Geeking Out

Last time, it was Battlestar. This time its Doom. Doom is/was a game. The game, if you will, that started the whole gaming era. Now it's a movie. And, yes, before you ask, it is not anything more than a video game movie. But here's the thing: it's Doom. Plus, it has the Rock in it. So, yeah, I went, I saw, and I was mildly entertained. My impression was that someone, somewhere said, "Gee, we need to make a Doom movie and the Rock needs another action movie and, well, we could probably slap something in a week." So, Doom is off the mark: the story, the dialogue, the set, even the twist ending. The twist, to spoil it all, is that the Rock isn't the hero. The Rock ain't going to win an Oscar, but he scores points with me for doing a passable job on going from tough big brother to mad man. Some of the lines are just wrong. Some of the plot devices are just stale. But sometimes a poor movie can show how good something could be. Doom could have been a better movie, but the Rock could be really good. I just hope he gets the chance to do it. Because I think that unlike Doom he could be more that just a video game character.

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