Sunday, October 16, 2005

Now Who's the Racist?

You know the biggest story in the world is the success of the Iraqi constitution. But if one went by the BBC one might not get that. Check out the picture. The one story above the fold about Iraq is one that has a Muslim holding a gun. The headline: "Shia militants gaining strength in Basra." And BBC goes to the source of democratic thinking in the 21st century by quoting a Saudi official:

The constitution will give Iranians or pro-Iranian Iraqis an open hand in seven provinces in the south, to bring them together into an autonomy which will create a Shia republic.
Risks? Yes! Dangers? Hell, yes! But when Arab Muslims have a free and fair election that's the news, not the danger or the risk. On a side note, it strikes me that Iraq is the only place where Islamic democracy could grow and at the same time the best place. Why? Exactly for every reason they give that it won't work. Iraq is the intersection of the Kurds, the Shia, and the Sunnis. If democracy takes hold it will it could be like a shot in the heart of Islam. But hey I could be wrong! Let's debate it? No? You just want to run negative headlines and ignore the other side? Well, that sounds like good journalism to me! The august BBC concludes:
The coalition can do little more than wait and watch a democratic process which could deliver it from Iraq, or which could only deepen the morass.
I just love how Arabs are inferiors that can't handle democracy or if they embrace it they will only corrupt it--thank goodness the BBC is here to explain this stuff to me!

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