Sunday, October 02, 2005

Kill Bill vol. 2

Yes, this is the mandatory Bill Bennett post. For the cave dwellers that don't know, Bill responded to the idea that if abortion was illegal social security would be fine right now (because statistically there would be more workers). He countered, in an attempt to show the dangerous, even evil results of governing with pure math, that if every black baby was aborted there would be a fall in the crime rate (because there is a higher crime rate among African-Americans). So, recriminations and disapproval all around, and Bill is denounced as a racist.

Some smart people can't wrap their collective brains around this fact: Bill was showing that the logic of statistics is flawed. So, he's right, the crime rate might drop but only because the flawed logic of the argument. If abortion had been banned would social security be fine? Only if we assume that the birth-rate would have been the same, and that generation would become workers, and that the entire political dynamic wouldn't be different, and more. It's a stupid statement, but it works on paper (which, btw, is the first sign that something is probably bad).

That being said, Bill is a total flippin' moron. Heck, Rush was run out of sport casting for suggesting that a quarterback was over-hyped because he was black (which not many quarterbacks are), that's not even racist, that's just a statement about race. Playing around with black babies and abortion and crime--idiot! But this is a guy that back in 2003 lost 8 mil. gambling and couldn't understand how the libs were going try to destroy him with that little factoid. I'm always trying to push the envelope and "go there" and even I know that one treads lightly on connecting race and crime and connecting that to extreme, crazy ideas. For example, I could suggest that the simple solution to the insurgency in Iraq would be to level any city in revolt and put heads on pikes from Baghdad to Basara. I could be making the point that as effective as that might sound on paper it really is beyond insane to even consider, but I would still be open for attacks that I'm a warmonger, a racist, and a fascist. But-hey-watch this-are you watching? Nobody cares! I'm just some lowly blogger barely a Slimy Mollusc over at TTLB. Bill has a national radio show--jeez, learn some common sense race-relations.

Oh, but the other side is even worse! Juan Williams, mind reader extraordinare, was on Fox News Sunday saying something very, very wrong. Williams is scared, scared that even the suggestion of an extreme thought-experiment defaming the very idea of linking race and crime speaks to a secret sub-conscience murderous racism stirring beneath the surface in white America--and specifically the Republican party. Wow. I'm a genocidal racist and I didn't even know it! Sorry Williams, but Homey don't play that! You get to say that someone that suggests something in a hypo is a racist and that Republicans by implication all secretly hope for the day we can kill black babies? Isn't it funny that those who are opposed to slavery reparations or affirmative action or anything you think is important just happen to part of the nation-wide, sub-conscience, black-hating, white conspiracy to do...something ...something...bad--racist! We know it will be very racist. Well, guess what? I think that if Williams even suggests that Republicans are all secretly racist it speaks to a sub-conscience murderous racism stirring beneath the surface in black America--and specifically the Democrat party--no, wait, I don't think that--it was just a thought-experiment to defame the very notion, which, according to Williams, means I really do think that deep down in the cockles of my evil heart.

Luckily, it doesn't matter because I'm not a moron with a national radio show.

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