Saturday, September 10, 2005

Red State Cool

Chrenkoff is blogging that blogging isn't enough. That's contrary to the MSM claim that the Right owns the media. We've come a long way, baby, but we've just barely made a dent in the media. Chrenkoff doesn't know what's next. I've got a suggestion: entertainment. It really gets my goat that movies, comic books, and TV can't be republican, can't be conservative. From The Passion of the Christ to Conan the Barbarian, right-leaning movies have been shown to make the money. Dennis Miller Live and Tough Crowd were hilarious shows! Of course, conservatives aren't as "lock-step" as your libs would have you believe, but we can at least agree on things like Reagan and self-reliance. The worst part is the conservative Hollywood types who, for whatever reason, keep a low profile politically--while the rest of Hollywood is having pagan-marxist orgies and making slanderous remarks about all conservatives. One guy that showed at the Republican National Convention was The Rock! Is it possible? A closet GOPer? Maybe...

Here he is doing his part, surrounded by folks that would tear his entrails out if he did turn out to be a Republican; well, maybe just move farther away down the line from him. I actually gave a little money to the Red Cross, so I think that entitles me to make up funny captions for this picture.

Reba: Hello, sexy--I'm going to tear you apart!
Rock: What!?
Caller: Listen to me very carefully--
Rock: If you touch one hair on her head--
Caller: You daughter is safe as long as you do as you're told...
Caller: Come on! You want my donation don't you?
Rock: Sir, I hardly think giving 10 bucks entitles you to have me give the "People's Elbow" to Laura Flynn Boyle--even though, I grant you, it would be fun.

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