Friday, August 26, 2005

The Red-State Filter

Hello, kiddies! You know, it's hard to be a red stater--you work hard, you come home, you want to watch something and veg out. So, you start watching your shows, and WHAM! Some commie sticks a sickening liberal public-service message right in the middle of your program. I recently mentioned this in reference to Buffy. Its when your mind filters out the crap and only excepts the good stuff. For example, I was watching the commentaries on Return of the Jedi with Garm the other day. Lucas, who thinks he's smarter than he really is (but what can I really take after from a man that has made that much money?) compared the Ewoks to the Viet Cong! He said that it was like Vietnam, where a primitive culture defeated a imperial superpower. I just let it go. It didn't happen for me. I just ignored the political commentary in Episode III. Heck, when I watch Stargate, all the anti-religious science stuff just flies right by me. I just ignore the fact that the premise that all supernatural powers are really just higher forms of technology. They go to new cultures every week and try to free them from their false gods. Its like an atheist's fantasy! But you have to pace yourself. You can't ignore some things! Like the unbelievably-forced lesbian storyline in the Buffy series. How brave of them to make the mousy, Thelma-eqse, bookworm wicca into a homosexual. It's a side story, so, I let it go. But for a while there it was dangerously close to screwing up like Ellen. Ellen (who is darn funny) didn't fail because us evil conservatives can't stand a homosexual character that doesn't have our viewpoints. It failed because it broke the red-state filter! It spiked its propaganda right in our faces (here's a gay blogger's criticism of the Ellen Show's unfunniness). Now, she's back on TV--just it's not lesbian this and lesbian that all the time. Now, before you tell me that there's no such thing as radicalism in TV because its just TV I have a message for you--shut it. Even if you don't realize that everything is used to push the left's agenda, they do. Like this jackass that wants to push leftist ideas with sports. I caught him on Book TV complaining that servicemen were being sworn in at a Nationals game along with a recruiting message with the kind of fake shock that protesters give you when you tell them you're just not so sure they really "support the troops." I still love "They Live" but when one of your alien master-race is giving Reagan's “Morning in America” speech, yeah, you've pushed the filter to its limit. Your filter is your friend, keep it clean and it will keep you clean.


  1. So basically you're saying that unless something meshes with your world view, ignore it. Leftists do this too. They watch Michael Moore, Bill Maher, slanted documentaries, etc. No wonder people who are ideologically inclined think the rest of the country is just like them: that's all they see!

  2. Nah, what I'm saying is that you can enjoy TV and movies if you manage to let go of the little spikes of proganda in the show. I see the ideology, I just don't let it bother me when I'm trying just chill and watch a show. If I had to boycott every show that had crazy liberal BS in it I'd never get to veg on everything.