Friday, June 09, 2006

Clemson Killer/Rapist "overwhelmed"

In case you didn't already know, Jerry Buck Inman confessed to killing Tiffany Souers, a Clemson undergrad, by apparently strangling her with her bikini top. He also confessed to other crimes that took place a few days before:

In Rainsville, Ala., Inman was charged with attempted rape, burglary, robbery and theft of property in a May 23 incident in which authorities said he broke into a home and tried to attack a 24-year-old woman after she came home for lunch. Davenport said he expects Inman also will be charged with a May 24 rape in Sevierville, Tenn.

That hits home for me: I have extended family in Rainsville and a very close female friend in Sevierville. They're not the victims, nor do they know the victims of Inman's alleged crimes, but nevertheless, it is personal to me.

This waste of flesh Inman served 16 years of jail time in Florida for. . . wait for it. . . that's right, sex offenses. He's on the sex offender registry. The linked report says that he was released from prison in 2005, but not when during that year; more than likely though, he didn't even wait a full year to begin committing sex crimes again. According to Inman's mother, he's bipolar. Sounds like just the guy for the prison system to release, doesn't it? The linked report says that he was released from prison in 2005, but not when during that year. Whenever it was, he didn't exactly wait to begin committing sex crimes again, did he? Here's the deal: I understand that he may not be "right in the head," as my grandmother would say, but that is no excuse to allow a convicted violent sex offender to "drive around looking for women he found attractive," and then rape them.

So my blood pressure was already climbing when I got to this part near the end:

"I know he is overwhelmed by the attention this case has received so far," said Inman's attorney, Symmes Culbertson. "I think he's a little shell-shocked by everything that has gone on so far."

You know who's a hell of a lot more "overwhelmed" and "shell-shocked" than your client, Mr. Culbertson? The dead girl, the raped girls, and their families. You cannot impart humanity to those who act in such an inhumane way as Inman allegedly has, so please don't try to make us feel sorry for him. I'll reserve my sorrow for the victims, their families, and yes, Inman's family as well, for they too are victims of his crimes, in that they must face the heartbreak of knowing that their child is a killer and rapist who has no place in civilized society.

On my scale of criminal actions, only child molesters/killers rate lower than crimes against women, and that's by a very slim margin. Those who attack the weak are the lowest form of scum to exist within our species, in my opinion. By displaying their lust for power and control with their violent actions, such criminals display themselves to be not "sick animals," as Inman describes himself, but the sickest of sick human beings, with an ability for cognitive thought that no lower animal possess. There are only two cures for such a sickness: death or a locked box.

I'm doubtful, however, that Inman will get the death penalty; he's confessed, that confession will more than likely hold up in court, and he will likely get life in one facility (state pen) or another (secure mental hospital). A pity, since I'd prefer he experience at least the same amount of terror just before his death that he inflicted on Souers just before hers.

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