Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Microsoft Sucks

And Windows is the fruit of the devil.

I know, I know, I should get a Mac, but I LIKE my big, fast, quiet, home-built desktop that I can upgrade easily and cheaply. Everything (hardware-wise, anyway) on it works fine, but when I upgraded the HDD (speed and size matter, damnit), I had to reinstall XP. 40,000 updates later, Service Pack 2 Install crashes, taking the rest of the OS with it. I swear to God, if my monitor didn't cost so much, I would have head-butted it. Hard. It was RIGHT THERE, begging me to force my forehead forward at such velocity that the glass would break and I'd fall bleeding on the floor, skull fractured, with my dog licking blood and brain matter from the wreckage (Lassie, he ain't) but I wouldn't be bothered by the pain or my impending death at all. I'd just be happy that I didn't have to install a Microsoft product EVER AGAIN. GAH!

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