Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Paramount sues over stolen WTC film.

Paramount says that Chis Moukarbel used a "bootleg script" of Oliver Stone's major-budget flick to use in his own film about the WTC disaster. OK, I can understand that, no big deal. What caught my attention was the fact that Paramount says that Moukarbel's 12 minute film "mirrors 'a significant portion' of Stone's work."

Ummm. . . wait a second. . . Mourkarbel's movie is 12 minutes. Stone's movie is going to be 2+ hours. Paramount says that 12 minutes is a significant portion of that 2+ hours. Does that therefore mean that the remaining 108+ minutes of Stone's movie is complete fluff? Well, at least a studio is admitting that Oliver Stone films are crap.

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