Monday, June 05, 2006


I'm interrupting my unintentional blog hiatus to remind everyone that tomorrow is the National Day of Slayer. 6/6/06. The day of EVILLLL (FYI - "evillll" is best enunciated in a guttural roar). If you don't know who Slayer are, I feel a little sorry for you (but not that sorry, because pity is not an emotion embraced by Slayer) and you should go here for the Wiki for more information. So what are appropriate activities, preferably for the whole family, to engage in on NDS? Well, see the above link for a more comprehensive list, but I suggest the following:
1) Accost random passers-by, co-workers, etc.: grab them by the shirt, pull them inches from your face, and, in your best MetalVoice, yell "SLAYER" at the top of your lungs. In order to obtain a proper grip on their shirt, you may have to put down your Budweiser.
2) Drink Budweiser.
3) Drive down the street in a residential neighborhood or whatever roadway the denizens of your municipality have designated as "The Strip" playing "War Ensemble" (or any other Slayer song) as loud as you possibly can. If you drive a nice car, sell it. Slayer fans don't drive nice cars.
4) Wear leather. If leather is unavailable to you, denim with a crapload of patches is appropriate attire.
5) Beat up hippies and force them to listen to Slayer. Hippies hate death metal. And finally,
6) Figure out that the date 6/6/06 is just another Tuesday, and this is just an excuse to dust off Reign in Blood or Seasons in the Abyss and remember when you didn't have to be responsible.
All kidding (is it kidding?) aside, sorry about the blogging hiatus; it was both unintentional and unavoidable. Hopefully, I'll be able to begin again tonight or tomorrow.

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