Thursday, June 22, 2006

Geeking Out: Bite My Shiny Metal Ass

Futurama returns; now it's Zoidberg's turn!
Three years after Fox canceled the show, Matt Groening's 'Futurama' will resume production for a 13-episode run on Comedy Central.
Sweet. Hopefully the show won't suck, which is always a possibility, especially considering the high expectations of the fanbase. Thankfully, they got ALL the voice talent and staff back as well, which in my opinion is a bit of a coup considering the state of constant flux in which the entertainment industry exists. So I have hope that the new episodes will bring the funny.

Also, apparently Katie Seagal (one of the stars, for those of you not "down") confirmed the rumors of the show's return on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Tuesday night, which is why no one heard the news until today.

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