Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Return to Sender

Seems that I.C.E. policed up over 2,000 illegal immigrants and immigrants with criminal records in the last couple of weeks:
About half of the 2,179 people arrested in the operation had criminal records, and 367 were members or associates of violent street gangs, including the Mara Slavatrucha, or MS-13.
Others arrested included 146 who had convictions for sexual offenses involving minors, and 640 were fugitive aliens who had been issued final orders of removal by an immigration judge and had not complied.
Now, I have absolutely no problem with this; in fact, I'm glad they're rounding up and deporting the violent criminals, sexual predators, and gang members first. I hope, however, that this is merely a first step in a more comprehensive sweep to deport more illegal immigrants.

I do wonder though. . . How long has I.C.E. known the identities and locations of the criminals they've rounded up lately? How long did they wait before arresting and deporting those criminals? Is this merely a political move, the hope of politicians that a dog and pony show will assuage our outrage over the illegal immigration issue long enough for our short American attention spans and media-driven frenzy to fade into the background once more? Time will tell.

"Return to Sender" is a pretty neat name for the operation, btw. Made me chuckle, anyway.

Well, it's a start...
Reactions to the GA "Illegals" law

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