Sunday, February 10, 2008

A+ B Movies

"Never con a con-man."
Diggstown is one of the best lesser seen movies you will find. No, there won't be surprising production values or unique plot twists, but you do get James Woods and Louis Gossett, Jr., and every other remotely southern/rural character actor tearing it up.

Woods plays a Con-man convict named Gabriel Caine who hears about a little fiefdom called Diggstown. With the help of his nefarious prison buddies, Caine heads there after parole and sets up a bet: 10 Diggstown men beat by Honey Roy Palmer (Gossett) in 24 hours. Its hard to keep track of all the double and triple-crossing.

If you like boxing movies, caper movies, and movies where James Woods just gnaws on the screen give this title a rent and watch it do it's sweet thing.

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