Monday, February 11, 2008

Rise of the Blue Dog?

If McCain did win the general election would that make conservative democrats more powerful?

If McCain wins but can't unite the GOP in congress like Bush, wouldn't he turn to the "blue dog" democrats for votes? Or if the GOP minority hang together, won't those red-state dems be a huge swing vote? Seems like either way the blue dogs win with McCain. Perhaps this is a plus on McCain because he can draw swing votes that Bush can't because of his baggage. If Iraq keeps stabilizing the "Bush's war" issue stays off the table and blue dogs can vote for a a Judge's confirmation or a tax cut, right? Keep in mind, most of the southern democrats are "feel good" people, who loved Reagan's optimism. Thus the low approval Bush is not who they want to be around--but with a clean slate? Maybe the day of the blue dog is dawning.

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