Thursday, February 07, 2008

Warm Up or Beat Down?

Did anybody notice that turnout for Dems seemed way higher than the GOP? Generally, there's talk in the Media of an amped-up Democrat base. Putting aside the GOP infighting and the glee in which the MSM is reporting on it, are the Dems just pumped?

Well, yes. Hardcore Hill' and 'Bama fans are ready to turn the US into a socialist paradise post haste. But if Hill' pulls it out, or even manages a slick move at the convention will that unite the party? Surely, a Clinton/Obama ticket sounds pretty unstoppable (although it may have either a depressing--likely--or simulating--unlikely--effect on the opposition).

Hill's nomination could turn the Barack Legions away from the polls--I mean isn't the point of the hard right's criticism of McCain that he is like Clinton, doesn't that make Hill' vs. Johnny a tougher call among Dems? Surely, this is against popular thinking, but maybe...

A much less likely surprise result would be the Clinton folks turning away from an Obama and towards McCain or just "staying home." However, Hill' isn't stopping until the end. She could, maybe, win enough to make herself just too strong going into the convention, but unless Obama starts crushing her in all states it will be a fight to the finish for her. So, if Obama beat her in the end, and if McCain managed to clinch it soon, and if the Dem fight got bloody enough--maybe, just maybe, the shine would be off the ring and McCain could be facing a battered big "O."

Ultimately, these are long shots, but with some predicting the Dems will be chucking mud until April us among the evil, evil right can fantasize before the commies (not counting McCain for you Levin fans) turn acid bath of hatred on whichever "old white guy" the GOP runs. God, I hate commies.

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