Monday, February 25, 2008

Walking Out Across the Line

Avi Green over at the Four Color Media Monitor has an interesting post about a glowing review of yet another anti-bush/anti-war comic book.
Black Summer began with an issue #0 that was one of the most shocking single issues published in years. In this essential preview to the 7-issue series, superhero John Horus storms the White House and executes the President. Minutes later, Horus goes live on national television to explain why he has done this: Because the Commander-in-Chief had committed severe criminal actions including election fraud and starting an unnecessary, illegal war for the benefit of his oil conglomerate cronies.

...those who have long been angered, frustrated, and ashamed of the way things have gone in this country were probably cheering on this fictional avenger.
Avi rails against this idiocy:
The reviewer is actually insulting even his own side by suggesting that the liberals are so frustrated, they'll be literally willing to condone what this Ellis-created monster has done. Just how does he know that they really want that to happen? Or, is he doing the right thing to make it sound as though he doesn't care if they take the risk of condoning violence against American politicians?
As in Punisher: the End, I'm always surprised at how the "anti-war" left seems to secretly long to murder their enemies (whose true inhumanity is something they alone fathom). The reviewer called Horus's actions "political murder." That is, I imagine, murder premised on politics. That particular homicide is more like killing the heir to the throne or the Night of the Long Knives. What I read about was a President that had committed crimes--so, why is that a "political murder?" Either he doesn't understand the meaning of political or, more disconcerting, he doesn't understand the meaning of murder.

He seems to revel in the politicized comic book, writing "everything is political," but he seems to be some what smitten with the fantasy of politicized murder. What he seems to fail to see is that, from the Manchurian Candidate to JLU's alternate universe President Lex, the evil politician is killed after it is shown he's a monster. You might not like Bush, but he isn't a genocidal maniac nor in league with the Soviets. I mean, LOL, the left doesn't really believe he should be executed--excuse me? ... 78% according to Zogby? ...uh, anyway--fantasy can be fun, but let's not go over board.

Furthermore, it seems interesting that libs don't really seem to notice war crimes and death unless somebody they are politically against is in power (cough-Rwanda-cough).

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