Friday, February 08, 2008

McCain's To-Do List:

1. Never oppose tax cuts again.
2. Stop trying to punish oil companies for having a rare but vital product.
3. Deregulate industries (not the other way around).
4. Keep terrorists as enemy combatants and not ACLU super-stars.
5. Kill OBL.
6. Stop Socialized Medicine.
7. Seal the Borders (then, and only then, worry about a deal on RAs).
8. Not be proud of McCain/Feingold.
9. Nuke the fairness doctrine from space.
10. Give Bush a hug.
11. Protect Marriage.
12. Pick a great, strong conservative running mate that isn't Huckabee (Is Colin Powell still alive?).
13. Get a web video titled "I've got a crush on McCain."
14. Send the Iranian Pres a "Get Better Soon" card just to mess with him.
15. Delete all LOLcats JPEGs from laptop.
16. Be seen firing an automatic weapon.
17. Swear talk of being Kerry's VP was a ploy to get close so as to force him to admit he's a commie.
18. Have Ron Paul sent to Gitmo.
19. Kiss the king of El-Rushbo.

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