Monday, February 04, 2008

Tactical M1 Carbine

Found this Auto-Ordnance "Tactical" Carbine over at NRAhab's SHOT Show coverage. I can't decide whether I love it (folding black synthetic stock on an M1 Carbine. . . Neat!) or hate it (folding black synthetic stock on an M1 Carbine. . . Blasphemy! BURN THE WITCH!), but I know that I want one. Loaded with decent ammunition, that might be a very nice little home defense option. I played around with a standard AutoOrd M1 Carbine a couple of days ago at the range and it reinforced my love for the little rifles.

UPDATE: While I was surfing around looking at AK accessories, I found this UltiMAK Scout Mount for M1 Carbines. Add that and a reflex sight onto the new AutoOrd M1. . . hmmm. . . might be something to add to the "I wish I had the money to buy that" list. Of course, then I'd have to buy an original M1 Carbine to appease my traditonalist side. . . then I'd have to buy a new standard AutoOrd M1 Carbine so I wouldn't have to beat up the original. . . *sigh*

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