Thursday, February 21, 2008

Moderately Stupid

The Moderates in the GOP are scratching their heads. Why would conservatives not like McCain? Well, maybe some people care about things you don't think are important. McCain has stepped on a few toes, oh, like, with the marriage amendment, the Gang of 14, the election law, immigration, opposing tax cuts, gitmo, aggressive interrogations, civilian courts for terror suspects, fairness doctrine, some gun control issues, and he said some nasty things about the evangelicals.

Now, of course, you might not care as Mods, but if you want him to pull some or all of the conservatives to the polls you better hope he starts wising up. Look, McCain is as pro-life as it gets, but nobody thinks he might try to outlaw abortion. That's the key. Nobody thinks anything he's conservative on is anything he really cares about. Or, more to the point, nobody thinks he cares about the voters who are really conservative on issues they really do care about.

Bush was a genius at nodding to the right and saying, look, I'm not going to really do anything, but you know my heart is with you guys. McCain doesn't even know where the off ramp is to that part of town. Why should Mods care?

You should care because you're not the only one who's opinion counts. Mods in the GOP just seems to scoff at people that disagree with their math. Newsflash, if you really want McCain simply because he can maybe win, you better get real comfy with him turning right on immigration, social issues (the infamous God, guns, and gays), and supply side economics. You're going to have to pretend you respect Huckabee supporters (which should be something of a task). You've got to get out and not defend, but deflect. Tell the cons they're right about issues and McCain is going to represent them, cheer hard when he starts in about being a true conservative; lie through your teeth. Because even if you think the cons are cooks, they aren't stupid. They know what they want; are GOP Mods at least smart enough to give it to them?

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