Thursday, July 21, 2005

I do not consent to being blown up

NYC subway travelers carrying bags will now be searched randomly. My personal view: a necessary inconvenience. Still, I think I can actually hear the annoying voices of the ACLU lawyers clamoring for someone to sue.

Ok, you know it wouldn't take long for a complicated issue that affects millions of people to get boiled down to a one-line phrase and ends up on a T-shirt.

Fine, you don't consent. . . and you don't ride the NYC subway system either, eh? Yeah, random bag searches is inconvenient and invasive, but so is a terrorist-detonated explosive device. If, God forbid, an attack of the same nature as the London attacks occurs in NYC, how many of the people complaining about the searches now would be questioning Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD as to why the searches weren't MORE invasive?

T-shirt rebuttal.
(thanks Confederate Yankee) Also, check out Ace of Spades for their view on the subject (best part of the post is the first comment: "
i do not consent to being searched until the third date." )

Update: Michelle Malkin says she's against the new policy for "polar opposite reasons" than the majority of anti-search activists and "will have more on tomorrow in an exclusive column for the NY Post." Have to see what that's all about. . .

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