Saturday, July 23, 2005

Response to M.Malkin, re: NYC subway searches

Well, I finally have time to read and respond to Michelle Malkin's article in the New York Post regarding the NYC subway bag searches like I said I would.

In the article, titled "Random Idiocy," Malkin calls for not random bag searches, but instead to actively engage in searching subjects who meet certain criteria: behavior, race, religion, etc. In other words, profiling, a word the ACLU, members of the media, and others have slammed so hard and so often that it automatically conjures up a negative impression in one's mind, rather than referring to an effective technique with which to find a suspected criminal. While I do agree with her that such profiling is what the NYPD should be doing in conducting their bag searches, I believe we should also look at what the security officials are having to deal with.

Were they to engage in active profiling of passengers on the NYC subways, there would be a massive legal fight from "civil-liberty" activists. The entire program of searches would be immediately shut down, and one more line of defense would be gone. This is obvious, and the security officials know it; therefore, they're taking what measures they can. Even the random bag searches are probably going to face a legal battle, though unless some activist can find evidence that the NYPD searches are not random, the searches in my opinion will continue.

Therefore, we should not attack the NYPD and other security officials as being "toothless" and degrading the level of security in the name of being "politically correct," we should be attacking those who have in the past and will try in the future to make the national security assets of this country toothless and politically correct. Yes, the latest security policy in the NYC subway system is cumbersome, but it's the best we can get until the apologist "civil-liberty" activists in this country are reigned in and face the reality of the situation.

For more on Malkin's opinion, here's the link to her blog entry as well.

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