Saturday, July 23, 2005

Muslims protest terrorism. . . where's the MSM?

Today in California American Muslims took to the streets to protest terror. One Muslim man, of Egyptian descent, said this in regard to the bombings in Egypt this week:

It's really bad. This is not the Muslim way.

And a Pakistani-American woman said this:

Killing any person is not right. Jihad is an inner struggle, not killing people.

Of course, some people aren't thinking quite as well as these two. As the Muslims were setting up for their protest, apparently some fool drove by and flashed the finger at them. The Pakistani-American woman's response?

"There are all kinds of people. They just need more education, that's all. We don't blame them. They will learn one day."

Also, an Army corporal, name unknown, shook hands with one of the protesters and commented,

Right now, people are biased against them. I wish I would see more of something along this line. Next to supporting the troops, this is equally good.

Oh, and check out what Power Line posted yesterday. Yep, that's right, there was a national moment of silence for the victims of terrorists in Iraq and in protest of those terrorists. Not here, but in Iraq, in full defiance of the terrorists.

Moreover, Gateway Pundit reports a similar situation in Denmark, by Danish-Iraqi's, and Blackfive has pictures up of an anti-terror march in Iraq on the 5th of this month.

I'll ask my question, and it's the same question others in the blogosphere are asking: Where is the MSM? Why isn't this being reported by large news outlets? Why aren't the MSM supporting and reporting on these anti-terrorist protests alongside their reports of bombings throughout the world? Are they too engaged in lending credibility to the terrorists, rather than showing what many Muslims around the world think of these radical Jihadists?

In other words, why do I have to dig into the blogosphere to learn about events like these? I can't sum my sentiment up any better than what The Anchoress had to say on the subject:

You know, if these people had blown something up, they’d be getting more press. Which suggests that if the press wants to help eliminate terrorism, it should adjust its priorities.

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