Wednesday, July 20, 2005

On the other hand. . .

there are some people out there like the young Pakistani-British boxer Amir Khan, who refuses to NOT comment on the war on terror, even though he could hide from the topic. From the article:

“We need to get people together,” Khan said. “I was upset by what happened (in London), all my friends were upset. We need people to help stop things like this happening. Hopefully, I am one of them. I will do anything I can.”
Khan entered the ring to the strains of Land of Hope and Glory, his brother, Harry, carried a Union Jack with “London” emblazoned across it and some of his supporters carried banners combining the flags of Britain and Pakistan, with the words “No Terrorism”. Even Khan’s sponsored baseball cap was accessorised with a black ribbon.

Good for him.

It should be noted that he beat his opponent into the mat in 109 seconds. Don't know if that's relevant to his political views, but it's still pretty cool, especially since it was his first professional fight.

(hat tip to geniejunkie)

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