Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sky High

Above is a link to the Sky High review on Ain't It Cool News. I saw this film just recently. What did I think? It's a kid show. It's for kids, and about kids; its not edgy, or really political. It reminded me of National Treasure in that it was just good movie you can take the whole family to see. Of course, it was your stereo-typical story about accepting different people and not labeling and blah, blah, blah. Let's not spoil the moment by pointing out that judging people is what moral and ethical people do to draw the line between diverse and deviant--a line that many people do not agree on at all. Sky High is funny and relaxed, and while not the Incredibles, it's clean, family entertainment. In a world where my peers are constantly shrugging their shoulders and stating as-matter-of-factly that media needs no limits because no one is effected by its influences, and where the shows and films keep getting more crass and frankly pornographic, it was nice to sit for a couple of hours and watch something that was simple, pleasant, and fun.

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